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My name is Graham Barnard and I thank you for finding our website. I created Matrix over twenty years ago with a vision to do things differently and to put the client at the heart of the designs we create for them. Kitchen desgners often tend to impose their design values on the projects they are involved in because the limitations of their ranges give them no alternative. Our designs celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of the client - creativity without boundaries. We blend and mix styles, palettes and products to achieve designs that are timeless and reflect our clients lifestyles. I hope we can get the opportunity to show that to you.


I love design. Ive always loved design. It's something that burns every second of every day - the need to create. I am naturally inquisitive and find inspiration everywhere. That wild inquisitive nature will often find me on random bike packing tours, or standing in the garden, at night, in the cold, with my telescope. I read and question everything because I want to continue to learn and be inspired. I take this passion into every scheme, every discussion, whether it's about mixing materials and finishes or designing the perfect cutlery and utensil solutions. I started my kitchen design journey in 1984 when I was a YTS working for Salvarani. At the time they were a hugely innovative and influential kitchen design house based outside Milan . Along the way, I have headed design teams in Knightsbridge and Chelsea Harbour before starting my own venture over twenty years ago. I have been privileged to work on incredible projects at home and abroad and most of my clients I have come to regard as friends. Together with my wife, we have assembled a small but dedicated team whose focus is on delivering our vision.  

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